Let an AI generate efficient plans for your fleet

In a dynamic environment, where customer locations and demands change, the ability to generate plans for your fleet to meet those demnads is of paramount importance. A route planning software provides mathematically optimal routes for the vehicles in your fleet that can reduce operational costs by up to 40%.

Foxrane's Route Optimization software can provide

  • Optimal routes for thousands of stops, spread across your entire fleet
  • Service time satisfaction so that no customer is left waiting
  • Reduction in running costs for you fleet, by reducing distances driven and wear and tear
  • Environmental footprint reduction

Our solution is built with planning speed in mind. Generating a plan quickly, based on different parameters, allows you to experiment with different scenarios and offer new services. Any time that your fleet is not on the road carrying product, equipment or personnel is time wasted, and generating plans to utilize that fleet should not be what stands in the way of fully utilizing each vehicle. The customers expect shorter and shorter service windows, so a fast planning software allows you to proactively satisfy demand instead of letting your customers down because a stop was missed or couldn't be planned for because the planning takes too long. Foxrane's AI optimizer always takes less then a second.