What we do
Foxrane provides SaaS solutions in AI driven Operations Research.
We offer limited professional services in strategic management and IT-systems integration.

World-class enterprises trust us to deliver scalable and maintainable solutions:

Our executive leaders are sought after public speakers and accomplished computer engineers with hands on experience in developing and deploying complex enterprise-grade software solutions. They are backed by a board of directors with proven experience in scale-out business, and investors that represent a broad range of industries.

For general enquiries, please write to team@foxrane.com

CEO - Velisarios Miloulis
Email: velisarios@foxrane.com
Phone: +46 736 819 185
CTO - Robert Luciani
Email: robert@foxrane.com
Phone: +46 707 943 269
Head of Product - Alejandro Garcia
Email: alejandro@foxrane.com
Phone: +46 760 047 569
Chair of the Board - Axeline Wirf
Email: axeline@foxrane.com
Board Member - Lennart Schönning