The world's fastest and most efficient AI for combinatorial optimization.

This page is a placeholder for people that wonder Foxrane's AI optimizer actually works, and for OR-experts that are rightfully sceptical of hyperbolic AI claims. In the next month or so, hopefully, we will be publishing exhaustive benchmarks and documentation describing the technology in detail. In the meantime, the blurb below will have to do.

Foxrane 9TAIL is a self-learning geometric neural network which, using linear time and memory, produces highly optimal solutions to unusually complex combinatorial problems. We demonstrate the efficacy of our approach in vehicle routing, pattern nesting, and network flow benchmarks against state-of-the-art AI approaches, IBM CPLEX, Google OR-tools, and Microsoft Azure Quantum. The 9TAIL achieves world class performance in all categories, and for certain metrics outperforms conventional approaches by several orders of magnitude.

More details coming soon.